Shuoyuan Chen

About Me

Hi! I'm Shuoyuan and am a software engineer and a painting enthusiast. I had a MSc in Chemistry and then a MEng in Electrical & Computer Engineering. I love developing software and solving real-world challenges. I pursue a balance between perfection and efficiency. I want to present my ideas to the world!

I spend my free time writing stories and painting. I am constantly improving my skills and hope one day I can deliver some impressive works.


Infrastructure-less Mobile File Sharing App


A non-expert-friendly mobile App enabling local P2P file sharing using Wifi Direct and Bluetooth.

I designed the App and built it from scratch. I also run simulation on its performances under various occasions.

Restaurant Web App

Python MySQL Django AWS

A website App enabling customer queuing, food ordering and table reservation, realized with Python Django package.

I set up the CI server (AWS) and took charge of CI and unit test, ensuring the smooth delivery of quality codes.

Relational Database File System

Python MySQL

A functional linx file system in MySQL, wrapped in Python to support basic linx shell queries.

I designed the database in MySQL and build the font-end interface using Python.

Automated Website Fuzzing with WFuzz

Python HTML5

A WFuzz extension for automated fuzzing and fast error diagnosis.

I designed the Web scraper to retrieve elements to fuzz, which is the heart of automation.

The Forecasting of COVID-19 Epidemic in Canada


Prediction of COVID-19 situation in Canada after reopening using machine learning.

I designed the model, which successfully predicts the quick resurgence of infection in Ontario.


Java Python MySQL Linux Git JavaScript HTML5 CSS AWS


Want to know more about me? I would love to hear from you!

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